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Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester
Voracious Harvester

Voracious Harvester

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In 1826 in Scotland, the inventor Reverend Patrick Bell designed a reaper machine, which used the scissors principle of plant cutting; a principle that is still used today. The Bell machine was pushed by horses. A few Bell machines were available in the United States. In 1835, in the United States, Hiram Moore built and patented the first combine harvester, which was capable of reaping, threshing and winnowing cereal grain.
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 Quantity of parts, pcs 163
 Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 4
 Hours to assemble (average) 6
 Model size (cm)23 x 15 x 9.5
 Model size  (inch) 9.05 x 5.90 x 3.74
Stainless Steel
Auger On-Off
Spinning Reel

Prototype history

Blue skies, endless fields, and hundreds of workers are harvesting. Peace and prosperity. Such idyllic paintings are symbols of prosperity in the cultures of many countries. However, technological progress makes its own adjustments to the established ideas.

Now millions of agricultural workers have been replaced by machines. Their diversity is very great. They can sow, nurture, fertilize, irrigate, protect, and eventually harvest almost all crops. All these machines are united by one broad term - "combines".

Of these, the most impressive mechanism is the combine harvester. One such machine can replace a thousand people on the field. Knowing no fatigue, the harvester cuts threshes the ears, separates the straw from the grain, forms sheaves, and unloads the final product. And it doesn't stop moving.

There are harvesters capable of very complex operations with different types of crops. One thing unites them: these machines serve to save humanity from hunger.

Therefore, the Metal Time team could not help but pay tribute to these wonderful mechanisms.


"Voracious Harvester" is a DIY model of a combine harvester. A standard model of a cereal harvesting machine was taken as a prototype.

The main parts that determine the appearance of the combine are the header and the bunker.

The cutting blades and rotating reel are clearly marked on the header. The further processing process is hidden by the case, inside which the winding spring mechanism and the gear system are located.

In front of the hull, there is a cab, in which there are schematically marked combine harvester controls - a steering wheel and a dashboard.

The main part of the body is a hopper with a swivel unloading auger tube that pivots around the near end and can be extended sideways to simulate grain unloading.

Features, benefits

The Voracious Harvester has four wheels in two sizes. Both pairs of wheels are hollow with imitation treads.

The wheels rotate freely if you move the model with your hands and are connected to the winding mechanism. Thus, the model can move independently, simulating the work of a combine.

The model consists of many parts, due to the complexity of the original mechanism, and will require considerable skill for successful assembly.

Like all Metal Time construction sets, the Voracious Harvester is made from eco-friendly stainless steel that is used in the food industry and approved for the production of consumer goods and toys.


Assembling the Voracious Harvester is a fun activity for enthusiasts. The model consists of more than two hundred parts and is among the designers of medium difficulty. Some nodes will require the ingenuity and dexterity of the fingers for the successful assembly and functioning of the model. Amateur designers will first have to study how the components of a real combine are arranged, which will undoubtedly expand their horizons.

The result of this will be another piece in your collection of "Metal Time" models.

The “Voracious Harvester” model is an interesting experiment that could be the beginning of a new collection of models because agricultural machinery is a separate branch of engineering, consisting of a wide range of types and types of mechanisms and machines.

Precise cutting of the set eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembly process.

Pleasant tactile sensations favorably distinguish steel parts from wooden or plastic used by other designers.

Convenient flat packaging made of eco-friendly recyclable cardboard combines the compactness and aesthetics of a status gift.

The Voracious Harvester DIY model is intended for a wide range of users aged 14 and over.

The harvester model will decorate the house of any farmer or the desktop of the head of an agro-industrial enterprise. This is a symbol of prosperity, prosperity, and a large-scale approach to business.

Other than that, the assembled Voracious Harvester might just be a challenging and fun toy for middle-aged kids.

The presence of a winding mechanism makes this model an active participant in many games, a demonstration of the work of agricultural machinery, and racing on combines is something that can surprise an adult company.

Assembling the model will help organize family leisure, arrange a flash mob with like-minded people or a creative friendly get-together dedicated to mechanics.

The assembled model can be used as an interior decoration, part of a showcase collection, a key character in an agricultural-themed installation, or part of a farm and farm layout. You can also use the Voracious Harvester as a backdrop for staged photos about farming and the history of technology.


What is in the giftbox?

Steel sheets, pcs 4
Gears YES
Power spring YES
Pliers YES
File YES
Assembling Gloves YES
Polishing cloth YES
Collector’s Pin YES
Club Stickers YES
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