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The Metal Time company was founded in 2021 in the spirit of "Creative parts creates surprise" design. Love and exploration of everyday life is the source of inspiration for Metal-Time.

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Alex Shyrkoff
Alex Shyrkoff, President
Alex has opened the Ukraine market to such brands as Xiaomi (Mi) and MIUI. Twenty-five years of experience with high standards of aesthetics, functionality and detail led to the reation of the industrial design brand, Metal Time Workshop, in 2021.
“I have always been curious to create something unusual and useful. I am inspired by inventors and researchers. I am fascinated the very process from idea to implementation of such a challenging project!”
Alex Shyrkoff
Denis Zhiblovskiy, CTO
With a degree in engineering, found interest in the development and design of mechanical constructors. Since 2014, he has been actively involved in the creation and production of world leading Ukraine manufactured plywood construction sets.
“Using thin sheets of stainless steel as a material and connecting them to mechanisms is a combination of incredible creativity with modern technology. We are creating unique and fun STEM products for those who like to learn.”
Metal time


Main material 1

All our beautiful models are made of 304 stainless steel. This grade of steel is the safest and most commonly used
in the food industry.

High quality laser cut steel 2

High power laser cutting technology is used in our production lines. A focused laser beam provides a high concentration of energy and allows you to make seamless cut outs
of any material.

Unique metal etching 3

The etching process tends to be selective. The etching selectivity is based on the difference in the rates of the chemical reaction in different parts of the etched surface.

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