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Metal Time models is founded in the spirit of "Creative Parts, Creates Surprise" design. Love and exploration of everyday life, is our source of inspiration.

In the project "Metal Time Workshop" we have brought together gifted engineers, artistic mechanics and marketers to form a group of the foremost spectacular
creations of human technical genius.

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Main material 1

All our models are made of 304 stainless steel, the cleanest,
and most environmentally friendly, stainless steel available.

High quality laser cut steel 2

Each part is cut using laser
cutting technology. A laser beam using a high concentration of energy seamlessly
cut our parts, with very little rough edges.

Unique metal etching 3

The etching process is
very detailed. The etching is based on the differences in
the rates of the chemical reaction on different
parts of the etched surface. Ensuring the highest possible quality.

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