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Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter
Nimble Fighter

Nimble Fighter

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FT-17 is one of the best tanks of the First World War, the world's first serial French light tank, the layout of which is called classic (control compartment - in front, combat with a circular rotation tower - in the center, and motor-transmission - in the rear). Designed as an immediate infantry support tank in 1916-1917 by the renowned car manufacturer Louis Renault. By November 11, 1918, 3177 Renault tanks had been built. In numerous variants, the FT-17 was in service with more than 20 states and participated in various military conflicts.
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 Quantity of parts, pcs 179
 Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 4
 Hours to assemble (average) 8
 Model size (cm)18.5 x 6.5 x 7.9
 Model size  (inch)7.28 x 2.56 x 3.11
Stainless Steel
Metal Craft
Wind up moving mechanism

Prototype history

One of the most successful and effective tanks of World War I was the French FT-17, light tank. The car manufacturer Louis Renault was reluctant to build a tank at first. However, he was persuaded by Colonel Jean-Baptiste Eugene Estienne. And so, he designed and built the FT-17. The advantages of the FT-17 were immediately obvious, and in 1916 the new tank entered the battlefield.

The FT-16 were for the first time used a rotating gun turret, giving the gunner a 360-degree view. And by placing the engine in the rear of the tank it dramatically increased room inside, the shooter and the driver separate spaces. This concept is still in use today.


FT-17 weighed 6.5 tons, with a length of 5 meters and a height of 2.1 meters. The Renault engine provided a whopping 39 hp. That allowed the tank to reach a maximum speed of up to 8 km/h. Which was about the same speed as a marching infantry. 

The armament of the tank had two variations; one that consisted of a 37 mm machine gun, the other with a Blockhouse Schneider howitzer.

In total, about 4 thousand FT-17 tanks were built, which made it the most massive serial tank of World War I.

Features, benefits

Our design team paid great attention to the details of the F-17. Ensuring the historical accuracy. The many components make the assembly of this model an interesting build. The “Nimble Fighter” is an iconic addition to our tank series. Allowing model builders collect the entire series.

The Nimble Fighter model retains all the design features of the original FT-17. Such as a recognizable front hatch for the driver, a rotating gun turret, a tail structure for overcoming trenches. A spring-loaded winding mechanism drives the gears, which turn the tracks, allowing the tank to overcome small obstacles.

The key for winding mechanism is located under the opening hatch of the engine compartment. Behind the turret there is a latch to start / stop movement of the tank.

Many parts and complex design will force the users to work hard to assemble this model. But as a result, you will get a historically accurate, functional model of the legendary combat vehicle.

Like all Metal Time DIY sets, the Nimble Fighter model is made of the highest-quality stainless steel.


The Nimble Fighter provides a challenging assembly. This model requires a strong attention to detail. The engine is spring loaded and functional.

Sharing all the features and functionality of the Nimble Fighter can be fun for friends, or the entire family. Who will be impressed by what you built!

There are a lot of possibilities for the Nimble Fighter model. It makes a beautiful decoration for your home or office, and makes a great gift to someone who is an military aficionado.

This intricate structure will look impressive when displayed.

Like all the Metal Time models, the Nimble Fighter model is made of the highest possible stainless steel. Precise laser cutting of the parts eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembling process. The parts fit perfectly, providing many years of enjoyment. 

Each buyer of the "Metal time" model receives a Club Card, a Thank you card, and a unique serial number assigned to each model.


What is in the giftbox?

Steel sheets, pcs 4
Gears YES
Power spring YES
Pliers YES
File YES
Assembling Gloves YES
Polishing cloth YES
Collector’s Pin YES
Club Stickers YES
Users guide YES
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