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Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock
Master of Time Stand Clock

Master of Time Stand Clock

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The history of time goes back millennia. For thousands of years, people have come up with various devices for measuring and tracking time. The use of the sexagesimal system to measure time was invented in Sumer around 2000 BC.
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 Quantity of parts, pcs 67
 Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 3
 Hours to assemble (average) 4
 Model size (cm) 20.9 x 14 x 12
 Model size (inch) 7.87 x 5.51 x 4.72
 Package size L
Functioning clock
Artistic fantasy
Candle shadow play
Fluorescent arrows

Prototype history

From the Egyptian sundials, the British Isles' Stonehenge to the exquisite movements of John Garrison, Abraham-Louis Breguet, Carl Faberge and modern electronic chronometers, this way of increasing precision has not changed time itself. But it brought additional comfort to our lives.In the recent past, only a select few could afford to have a personal device for measuring time. Therefore, the center of each city was a public clock. They were located, as a rule, on clock towers, the sound of their bells was heard by the entire population. 

The architecture and arrangement of the towers were the subject of competition. Rich cities built high-rise masterpieces, poor villages were content with simple wooden turrets. This rivalry continues to this day. The tallest clock tower today is the Abraj Al-Beit Hotel in Saudi Arabia. Its height is 601 meters. The most famous and beautiful clock towers are London's Big Ben, Philadelphia City Hall, Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science and other works of architects and watchmakers.


The "Metal Time" team invites you to become the master of time, at least for a short period, and assemble the clock tower yourself. The Master of Time model is a tower of a small European town. This low-rise structure is in harmony with the surrounding landscape. Just as unobtrusively and stylishly, this model will decorate your interior.

The original hand-assembled watch is a testament to the originality of the owner, his tendency to accuracy and fidelity of the decisions made.

Features, benefits

The prefabricated model “Master of Time” is a watch in the full sense of the word. It is equipped with an electronic watch movement. This means that by collecting it, you will become the owner of a unique and stylish clock that will take its rightful place on your desk, mantelpiece or in the nursery. 

The matte light gray color of steel, from which all the details of the designer are made, will organically fit into any color scheme of the interior. Like all Metal Time prefabs, the Master of Time is crafted from sustainable food grade stainless steel approved for consumer goods and toys.


Precise cutting of the set eliminates the possibility of cuts during assembly. The parts fit exactly together and will not create joint problems. Pleasant tactile sensations, durability and aesthetics of brushed metal distinguish steel parts favorably from wooden or plastic ones used in other constructors. 

Convenient flat packaging made from sustainable recyclable cardboard combines compactness and the aesthetics of a status gift.Each buyer of the "Metal time" model receives a club badge, a thank you card and a unique number assigned to each model. Joining the Metal Time club opens up additional opportunities for each customer.

The “Master of Time” is equipped with an electronic watch movement.

What is in the giftbox?

Besides, every customer gets a club badge "Metal Time" and the club's registration card, which creates opportunities for the "Metal Time" constructor owners activities.

 Steel sheets, pcs 8
 Clock mechanism Yes
 Candle place Yes
 Tool kit Yes
 Assembling Gloves Yes
 Polishing cloth Yes
 Collector's Pin Yes
 Club Stickers Yes
 Special card Yes
User's guideYes
Metal time Workshop

Easy to fold

All parts are separated and connected with light finger pressure, which eliminates possible cuts or pricks during the assembly process.

The Metal Time kits comprises small parts that, under particular conditions, may be hazardous to children under the age of 14 years. If children are to carry out the model assembly, parents' supervision should be ensured.

User guide

14 languages User's guides will lead you through assembling process. In coming up with design for creative people, there is no borderline between imagination and reality.


Models are made up of many, small parts, which may be dangerous to children under 14 years old. The assembly of the model by children under 14 should be carried out under the supervision of parents. Models research and assembly advance technical creativity skills inspire science and technology history research.

Models of Metal Time are active leisure and superb gifts, interior embellishments, installation elements, models and showcase stands.

To make them gatherable and exchangeable, each of our models is assigned a unique serial number. The Metal Time Owners' Club is a group of people who are zealous about designing.

The loyalty program of Metal Time presents owners of our construction sets with pleasant surprises. Our models do not require glue or adhesive. Each part snaps off the sheet, then firmly snaps together. The set includes file, pliers, gloves, polishing cloth.