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We have fulfilled the Kickstarter campaign

All the backers who have supported our crowdfunding campaign will receive a chosen “Metal Time” constructors by Christmas.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, we have great news for those who believed in us and our project and supported launch of our models at the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. Every backer will receive the models for which the contribution was made by Christmas.

Starting the campaign, we were worried whether we would be able to interest buyers, would it be possible to reach out to the inner child of everyone of them? And we got an excellent result!  Now it's time to thank to our micro investors and present them the wished constructors kits.

Thus, we launched sales of Metal Time constructors.

Thanks to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter, who believed in our dreams and helped to make them a reality! We will try further and will still present many surprises for fans of technical creativity.

Anyone who loves tinkering, technical puzzles and entertaining stories of the world of technology, but did not have time to participate in the crowdfunding campaign, should not be upset - now our models can be bought in the online store.

Hurry up to prepare original gifts for your friends and family. After all, less than a month is left before Christmas! Decorate your home for the holiday with our unique designs! Any of them has a long and interesting story of inventions, engineering courage and success, which will be very appropriate to tell your loved ones on Christmas Eve!