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UPCOMING CAMPAIGN: Meet the Sun Chaser

We're excited to launch our new project on Kickstarter soon.


Once upon a time, not long ago, a mighty red dragon. Lord of the ocean, fell in love with the Sun, which made its waters sparkle like billions of diamonds. But a huge thickness of the sky separated them. The dragon asked his brother, the lord of the air, to raise the waves of the ocean higher and higher. But he did not reach the beautiful face of the Sun. Then he decided to present all the treasures as a gift to the Luminary. Stored at the bottom, but the rays of the Sun could not break through the water column.


No, this is not an ancient Asian legend. We just came up with it. Looking at how the assembled Sun Chaser sundial model works. You can come up with many versions of your own.

In Asian mythology, dragons are the basis of all things. These creatures have many forms, but represent the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. With their limitless power over the Earth and the creatures inhabiting it, even the most powerful dragons are powerless against the invincible Time.

Therefore, creating a model of a sundial in the form of a dragon was an ingenious idea.
As a result of a bold design idea, a beautiful composition was born, telling the story of a red dragon who wants to reunite with the Sun, but only follows him with the gaze of his jade eyes, counting down the hours of eternity.

When creating the hour clock "Sun Chaser" our team was inspired by the history of mankind's observation of time and Asian mythology. The result is an art object that will bring a lot of pleasure to both lovers of technical creativity and connoisseurs of beauty. At the same time, "Sun Chaser" can become a toy and a history and construction learning tool for children.

The "Sun Chaser" is equipped with clock mechanism powered by a battery. It provides the movement of the "dragon" around its axis over time.

  • Exquisite design
  • Functional dial
  • Artistic ornametns
  • Interior decoration
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