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Ukrainian Dream campaign

Do you like technical creativity?

Have you seen the world's largest cargo plane as close as we have? Very few people on Earth watched the process of construction of it.

For decades, Mriya has been the pride of Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers and a source of admiration for all aviation enthusiasts.

The world's largest flying truck has performed hundreds of unique operations: delivering a space shuttle to the spaceport, transporting Elon Musk's rocket, a herd of kangaroos, thousands of tons of cargo delivered to anywhere in the world.

Thousands of people came to see takes off and landings of Mriya.

Later, in February 2022, this unique aircraft was barbarously destroyed by Russian invaders while trying to capture the capital of Ukraine.

We invite you to take part in the fundraising campaign for the Ukrainian Dream mechanical model kit.

With this project, together with the Antonov aviation company, we are supporting the restoration of the An-225, training of new aircraft engineers and civil aviation pilots of Ukraine and restoration of the houses of Antonov workers destroyed by Russian troops.

Chief pilot of Antonov airlines, Dimitry Antonov himself, will personally sign the certificate of appreciation for you.

In each set as a gratitude, we add limited edition postage stamp “Ukrainian Dream” provided to support this project by the Ukrainian postal service.

You have a unique chance to become a part of the history in the reconstruction of the legendary aircraft.

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