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Metal Time successfully funded at Kickstarter Campaign

DIY fans, thanks for your support!

The beginning of autumn became hot for the entire Metal Time team in every respect. While a group of engineers and designers prepared new models for you, which we will show very soon, the creative department and management prepared materials for the crowdfunding campaign. In order to start production of our wonderful models as quickly as possible, we needed the help of fans of constructors for self-assembly. 

Therefore, we decided to present ourselves as brightly as possible and for this we shot a video in which ordinary people in New York, London, Munich, Vienna, Nicosia, Amman and Tokyo spoke about our models, and professional actors showed what the process of assembling models looks like and how they can be applied after the process is complete. This video, along with a variety of informational and promotional materials, became the basis of our first campaign on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. 

As it turned out, our team managed to create the right vibrations in the hearts of our esteemed backers, and in just one day we managed to collect the required amount. This means that all backers are guaranteed to get the sets they like, and we can quickly expand the range and start mass production of Metal Time sets. We are happy to thank everyone who took part in this victorious campaign and are striving to new heights! Very soon you will see completely new models, new designs, new levels of aesthetics and sophistication! Thank you for your trust and support!