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(GIZMODO) - This $500 'Rubik's Cube' Plays a Mind-Bending Version of Pac-Man (and More)

(GIZMODO) -a few words about our steel protective frames for WOWcube.

The WOWCube’s been at CES few a few years as a work-in-progress, but now it’s actually something you can buy. The system is up for pre-orders for $399, but after that, the device will retail at $499 standard. That version comes with three pre-installed games. Its “Black Edition” goes for a ludicrous $699, and comes with a carrying case, dock station, and metal corner caps to stop you from cracking the screens when you inevitably drop it. It also comes with 21 games built in and a $100 gift card to purchase more.

Source: https://gizmodo.com/wowcube-rubiks-cube-screens-oled-games-apps-electronic-1849961012