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UPCOMING CAMPAIGN: Meet the Nebula Scout

We're excited to launch our next project: Meet the Nebula Scout.

🌌 NEBULA SCOUT: A Galactic Odyssey 🚀

The Nebula Scout, a sleek and nimble starship, boasts a remarkable history among the stars. This extraordinary light freighter has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, changing hands from one daring captain to another.

Captain Aria Novak, a renowned spacefarer, currently commands the Nebula Scout, steering her through the cosmos with unparalleled expertise. Her loyal co-pilot and trusted companion, Zorrin, an enigmatic alien with unparalleled navigational skills, stands by her side.Legends of the Nebula Scout tell of its previous owner, the suave gambler and con-artist Landon Kallaris.

With his charm and cunning, Landon once used the ship to navigate the galaxy's most perilous games of chance.But the ship's true heart lies in its AI co-pilot, Nexus, a sentient artificial intelligence with unmatched strategic prowess. Nexus seamlessly interfaces with the Nebula Scout's systems, providing an edge in the toughest interstellar conflicts.

Despite the wear and tear on its exterior, the Nebula Scout remains one of the fastest vessels in the galaxy. It may look weathered, but this ship has played a pivotal role in the greatest triumphs of the Galactic Rebellion and the United Galactic Front, often defying the odds and changing the course of history.

🚀 Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey through the stars with Captain Aria Novak and her remarkable crew aboard the Nebula Scout. Join them as they chart a course through the cosmos, facing danger, intrigue, and adventure at every turn. May the stars shine favorably on this daring crew as they continue their epic odyssey through the galaxy!

🌌Key Features of NEBULA SCOUT:

🌠 Artistic Design: A captivating blend of aesthetics and science that makes it a decorative masterpiece.

🌈 Multicolor LED Lights: Customize your space adventure with vibrant LED lights to match your mood or decor.

🛠️ Detachable Platform: Enjoy the thrill of assembling your own spacecraft before proudly displaying it.

🌟 Remote Control: Seamlessly switch between various lighting options with the included remote control.

🌌 Educational and Decorative: A conversation starter and an inspiration for all ages.

⚙️ Quality Craftsmanship: Built to stand the test of time with premium stainless steel construction.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Ideal for space lovers, science enthusiasts, and appreciators of artful craftsmanship. Join the Nebula Scout on its galactic odyssey, and let your imagination soar among the stars!

🌠🚀 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/metal-time-workshop/meet-the-caspian-sea-monster