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The KM (Korabl Maket, literally ""Model-Ship""), known colloquially as the Caspian Sea Monster, was an experimental ground effect vehicle developed in the 1960s. 
The KM was the largest and heaviest aircraft in the world from 1966 to 1988, and its surprise discovery by the United States and the subsequent attempts to determine its purpose 
became a distinctive event of espionage during the Cold War.  

It was tested on the Caspian Sea for 15 years until 1980, when it was destroyed following a crash caused by pilot error. 
There were no human casualties, but the KM was damaged and no attempts were made to save it, it being left to float before eventually sinking a week later. 
The KM was deemed too heavy to recover and has remained underwater at the crash site ever since.

The KM remained the largest aircraft in the world during the entirety of its existence and is the second-largest aircraft ever built, behind the Antonov An-225 Mriya that flew for the first time in 1988.

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Quantity of parts, pcs77
Difficulty level, from 1 to 84
Hours to assemble (average)5
Model size (cm)25×10,5×7
Model size (inch)9.84×4.13×2.76
Features:This model is made from 100% recyclable material.
Moving Ailerons
Dual color
Detachable Platform
Made in Ukraine
Historical Significance
Exquisite Design
Artistic Ornaments
Fun to Build
Great Gift for History of Aviation and Ship Lovers

Історія прототипу

The Ekranoplan is a remarkable invention that combines the features of a glider, an airplane, and a boat into a single mechanism. This vehicle can fly over relatively flat surfaces such as deserts, fields, and water, utilizing air cushion effects generated by the airflow ascending off the surface.

In 1960s a most powerful and big machine was built. It was a secret soviet project named “KM”, a soviet trial to make a warship from rare biggest ekranoplan on planet. The model known as the "Caspian Sea Monster" underwent several test flights, but after a series of accidents, it was deemed impractical.

However, the audacity of the engineering concept laid out in the "Caspian Sea Monster" still captivates enthusiasts of large mechanisms and machines, inspiring designers to achieve new accomplishments.


The engineers at "Metal Time" didn't overlook this remarkable object and created a model based on the core concept of the "KM" project. This aircraft had ten jet engines, short wings, and distinctive features in its tail section. It was designed for flights over water surfaces and could glide during takeoff and landing. All these features were incorporated into the self-assembly model of the "Caspian Sea Monster".

Особливості, переваги

The self-assembly model "Caspian Sea Monster" comes with a platform on which the ekranoplan is placed. The platform can be detached, allowing the model to be used for various purposes, such as prototypes, installations, technological toys, and more.

Schematic jet engine turbines are positioned on the fuselage, nose, and tail sections of the model—eight in the front and two in the rear.

This configuration made the "Caspian Sea Monster" prototype a unique aircraft with no equal in the world.

The model is made from colorful stainless steel, giving it vibrancy, and making it a worthy interior decoration.

Distinctive features of the "Caspian Sea Monster" model include windows on the fuselage, wing geometry, and movable ailerons on the main wings and tail section.

Like all Metal Time assembly kits, the "Caspian Sea Monster" model is made from environmentally friendly stainless steel that is used in the food industry and approved for manufacturing consumer goods and toys.


The precise cutting of the kit eliminates the possibility of cuts during assembly. The parts are precisely aligned with each other, ensuring a smooth assembly process.

Pleasant tactile sensations, durability, and the aesthetics of matte metal distinguish steel parts favorably from wooden or plastic components used in other kits.

The convenient flat packaging made from recyclable eco-friendly cardboard combines compactness with the aesthetics of a prestigious gift.

Every purchaser of a "Metal Time" model receives a club badge, a thank-you postcard, and a unique number assigned to each model. Joining the "Metal Time" club provides additional opportunities for each customer. 

"Caspian Sea Monster" Model - an excellent gift for enthusiasts of technical creativity as well as the aesthetics of complex metal structures. The colored components also transform the model into a wonderful and unusual toy.

This model will add uniqueness to your interior, as this distinctive piece will spark many questions from guests about its history. For young builders and future engineers, it will be a fantastic gift.

The "Caspian Sea Monster" can also find a worthy place in a child's room. Additionally, having the model in a professional setting will emphasize the owner's character originality and their knowledge of technological history.

The "Caspian Sea Monster" assembly model is designed for a wide range of users aged 14 and older.

Studying and assembling the model develop technical creativity skills, encourage the exploration of the history of science and technology, and provide a great activity for family leisure. Assembling the "Caspian Sea Monster" model will provide you with numerous creative moments while also requiring hands-on work. With its multitude of parts, assembling it is a rewarding task. However, the entire family will be able to take pride in the collective achievement. For interest clubs and friendly gatherings, it's an exciting and motivating activity.

The "Caspian Sea Monster" could become a part of your "Metal Time" collection, dedicated to aviation, military technology, and unique large machines. By studying the history of aircraft development, you will encounter many interesting and useful facts. Perhaps, assembling this specific model will awaken your inner builder's talents or serve as a push towards choosing an engineering profession.

Each of our models is assigned a unique serial number, turning them into collectible and exchangeable items. The "Metal Time" constructors' club is a growing community of passionate individuals engaged in construction.

Every model comes with the "Metal Time" club badge, signifying the owner's membership in a community of enthusiasts of technical creativity and unique examples of technology created throughout history.

The "Metal Time" loyalty program regularly offers pleasant surprises to the owners of our models.


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Steel sheets, pcs 4
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