Щойно додано до кошика

У наступному сезоні «Метал Тайм» представить нові моделі

The creator of stainless steel constructors, "Metal Time", is preparing to surprise it’s fans of technical creativity with newly designed products.

New Year is coming soon. These holidays are always associated with new expectations, ideas, plans, and discoveries. We promise all of this to our fans and those who are still pondering which of the Metal Time constructors to choose from in the new year.

Our model line has several sections. Those are: Aviation, Ships, Music, Architecture, Space, Sports, Construction, Coffee Lovers Club and more. In a coming year, we do promise to cover more areas of human life and creativity, in order to satisfy interests of an even wider circle of people who like to work with their hands.

Our engineers and designers, technologists and marketers work tirelessly to surprise you with new models.

And now we can unveil this mystery about the “Metal Time” constructors that will appear at our store in first days of the new year.

What can you say about the clockwork train model? What about the inertial legendary motorcycle or the sundial, based on an ancient Asian legend?

In addition to this, our models will get a unique difference from the products of other manufacturers in the new year. What will it be? You will see it in the near future. We only note that this difference will be in the use of the ability of light to refract and special processing of the metal.

Are you interested? Visit our store more often, the assortment is constantly updated.

Constructors for technical creativity, toys for children, interior decoration, an elite gift - the range of use of "Metal Time" models are very wide. We are making efforts to make our models ​interesting to everyone. And you will see the results very soon. We are waiting for you in the new year!