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Продукція Metal Time сертифікована

When we design models, we primarily think about how they will interact with the consumer. With their owners. Indeed, among them there may be both children and people with sensitivity to various stimuli.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to prevent any harm to health, user experience, feelings of the owners of our designers when assembling, using ready-made models or their parts.

At the same time, as responsible inhabitants of our planet. We make every effort to ensure that our products are sensitive to the environment, urban or natural. Therefore, we work hard to not only meet the requirements of manufacturers, but also to exceed them, while minimizing harm to the environment and our customers.

Evidence of compliance with all product safety standards are international certificates held by the manufacturer.

Let's take a look at the certifications that have been assigned to our products. 


Restriction of Hazardous Substances. The certificate confirms compliance with the requirements of Directive 2002/95 / EC, adopted by the European Union in 2003. One of its main requirements is the limitation of lead content in materials and packaging.Our products do not contain this element in any form, therefore they are RoHS certified.CE: Conformité Européenne. This mark means that the product complies with the requirements and standards of the European Union for goods of various types and purposes. It indicates that the product is CE marked. Not hazardous to people and the environment.


Standard based on California Regulation 65 Drinking Water Safety and Toxicity Control Act. This document limits the content of lead and other hazardous chemical elements in products and articles.The requirements of the document are very strict and exceed similar European standards dozens of times. Restrictions apply to all products sold in California, USA. Possession of the Prop65 certification attests to the exceptional environmental friendliness of products.


European Union regulation in relation to. To chemicals contained in products and articles. The abbreviation stands for: registration - Registration; evaluation - Evaluation; authorization - Authorization; Restriction of Chemicals restrictions.In fact, this certificate is an agreement on the import into the territory of the European Union of a list of chemicals as part of a product or product. Products marked with it are considered harmless to the health of users and the environment.

GB/T 26701-2011

are the main technical requirements for the product. They contain the standards for voltage and current of power supply, power of thermal, radio and microwave radiation, signal attenuation depending on distance and other requirements for characteristics that ensure the safe operation of devices with an electric drive and radiating elements. 


This abbreviation means that this product or set of products can be used in the technical education of children and youth in accordance with the concept of STEAM education (Science-Technology, Design, Art-Computing). Our constructors can be teaching aids and used in teaching children applied types of technical creativity.


Thus, having all the above-described certificates and certifications, "Metal Time" constructors are safe, educational products that do not harm humans and nature. This means that they can be used by people of different ages and sensitivity to chemical elements, and disposed of without harm to nature according to the instructions.

Collect and collect our models and don't worry!