Щойно додано до кошика

Кішка в королівстві сталі

“Action!” - said director firmly and everyone in the studio held their breath.

Although there was no need for this. After all, on the stand there was a pyramid of boxes from Metal Time constructors and assembled models gleamed with metal sides. 

But the rules of studio work were observed by all unquestioningly. Except, perhaps, except for the big red fluffy cat, who was walking around the studio, examining the models of the new season.

In the first days of autumn, we decided to present our designers to the whole world and began preparations for entering the crowdfunding platform. And for this you need to make a video. 

So the studio brought together actors, Metal Time engineers and a film crew. Representatives of the company explained the intricacies of the assembly process and showed how to properly connect the parts. Some of the participants in the shooting were so interested that they even set up a challenge for the speed of assembling simple models.

But the main thing happened on the set. We decided to show how people of different ages, professional backgrounds and gender interact with the designers of Metal Time DIY sets. Therefore, the studio was filled with extraordinary personalities, with different characters, temperaments and interests.

The prefabricated models from Metal Time aroused great interest in them, which was quite predictable: beautiful, bright, technically complex, but comfortable to assemble. They do not require glue, soldering or fastening material. All parts of the constructors are precisely cut and fit perfectly with each other, and 100% stainless steel 304 eliminates the possibility of any harm to lovers of technical creativity.

Therefore, everyone tried to show. That our models can really teach how to work with metal, and decorate any home, and become an expensive prize. 

The ginger cat shared everyone's enthusiasm, he liked the fact that so many people came to visit.- Let's take the cat into the frame? - suggested the director, - everyone loves cats. 

So, the studio cat became an assistant to one of the characters in the video and took the first step towards the Oscar. And our designers will soon become welcome guests in many homes around the world.