Щойно додано до кошика

Дизайни збираються підкорити світ!

Construction kits from Metal Time go to international exhibitions

While the whole world was seeing off the departed 2021, the Metal Time team was already making plans for the new year with might and main. And at the very beginning she planned the tour of her favorite models.

Very soon, an exciting journey will lead the designers of "Metal Time" to Germany, to the homeland of the "Ponderous Panzer". More than 2,800 craftsmen from almost 70 countries will gather there in the city of Nuremberg on February 2 and present more than a million different toys. Our models will be happy to be in such an impressive company. And we have something to show. What is the Metal Time tank brigade worth!

"Just Matilda", "Steel Emcha" and "Ponderous Panzer" will line up in battle formation this time on the same side and, together with our other designers, will enter the battle for the love of buyers.

Then the designers of "Metal Time" will go to the bride in New York for the global exhibition "Toy Fair". The flagship of the "Lost at SeaSailor`s CompanionElusive Nautilus

The legendary Toy Fair will be held for the 118th time from February 19 to 22 in the business heart of the United States. We hope that our models will present themselves well, take their rightful place among colleagues and acquire many useful contacts.

While our constructors are traveling, the entire Metal Time team will be working on new models. Let's tell you a secret, some of them are already ready and waiting to be packed in boxes and put on store shelves. In total, in the new year, fans of Metal Time constructors expect more than 30 additions to their collections of models. Among them there are absolutely fantastic designs, but we will reveal these secrets a little later.

In the meantime, we wish our models successful tours and victories!