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Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)
Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)

Cruiser Mk III (World of Tanks)

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Developed by extensively upgrading two prototype M1931 Christie tanks purchased by the British Army in 1936. The vehicle was designed to be a fast, lightly-armored breakthrough tank. The modified design was deemed successful and became the basis for other cruiser tanks. Sixty-five vehicles of this type were built and saw combat in France and North Africa in 1940 and 1941.

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Quantity of parts, pcs 55
Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 1
Hours to assemble (average) 1
Model size (cm) 8.5×3.7×3.7
Model size (inch) 3.35×1.46×1.46
Scale 1:72
Real Steel
Branded by Wargaming
Turnable Turret
Historically accurate model

Storia del prototipo

The British army began to prepare for the inevitable war at the beginning of the 30s. The industry was moving to a military footing, engineers were looking for advanced solutions for military equipment. American designer D. W. Christie created a chassis of four full-size rubber-coated rollers, planted on spring shock absorbers and two drive gears that move the trucks. This invention was so successful that it gave birth to several generations of tanks. One of the first was the English "cruising" tank "Cruiser Mark III".

This light tank had a high speed, up to 50 km/h on a hard road, the ability to overcome obstacles up to 0.6 m high, and a powerful main gun - a 40 mm “QF 2 pounder” anti-tank gun. She was supplemented by a 7.7 mm “Vickers” machine gun.


Under the ventilation grilles at the rear of the "Cruiser Mark III" was a 340 hp “Nuffield Liberty” 12-cylinder aircraft engine, superior in power to all similar combat vehicles of the time. The crew consisted of a driver, gunner, loader, and commander.

With all these significant advantages, the tank had an important drawback: weak armor protection. Therefore, it was not used as an assault combat vehicle, but provided infantry cover, following more powerful tanks on the battlefield.

The British lost dozens of "Cruiser Mark III"s in the fighting in France and brought these vehicles to less hot parts of the front. The era of the American “M4 Sherman” and British medium tanks in 1942 doomed cruiser tanks to oblivion.

Caratteristiche, benefici

But in Wargaming's popular MMO World of Tanks, the "Cruiser Mark III" is glorified by players. High speed, maneuverability and a powerful gun make this Tier III tank a valuable trophy. Upgrading this model in the game helps to win battles even with strong opponents in its class.

The "Cruiser Mark III" DIY model is a collaboration between Wargaming and Metal Time Workshop. On the bottom of the model is the logo "WoT" and a bonus package from "Wargaming" is attached to each set. It contains an activation code for the game, with which you can start playing the most popular online real-time strategy tank, as well as T2 light tank + Slot +7 Days of “WoT” premium account + 500 gold. A great start for a beginner online tanker!


The "Cruiser Mark III" features the tank's recognizable design: rotating turret geometry, Christie's chassis with full-size rollers, crew observation hatches and turrets, armament, and engine bay radiators. Textures and images are applied to the surfaces by electrochemical etching, giving the model a resemblance to the original combat vehicle. All parts of the model are made of stainless steel used in the food industry, the production of consumer goods, and toys. The "Cruiser Mark III" assembly eliminates any harm to the owner. Accurate cutting allows you to assemble models without the use of additional tools, soldering, and gluing. 

The DIY scale model of the "Cruiser Mark III" light tank can be used as a souvenir, interior decoration, or a valuable prize for “WoT” fans. It can also be used to create installations, models, or reconstructions of tank battles of World War II. It will take its rightful place at the stand with a collection of prefabricated models "Metal Time workshop" and the game "World of tanks". But its main purpose is technical creativity, joint modeling, and the development of handicraft skills.

Assembling “Metal Time” models encourage owners to study the history of technology, and develop design skills. Each of our models is assigned a unique serial number and this makes them collectible and exchangeable. The “Metal Time” Constructor Owners Club is a growing community of people who are passionate about constructing.



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Steel sheets, pcs2
Polishing ClothYES
Unique Invite CodeYES
Metal time Workshop

Facile da piegare

Tutte le parti sono separate e collegate con una leggera pressione delle dita, il che elimina possibili tagli o punture durante il processo di assemblaggio.

Il kit Metal Time comprende piccole parti che, in condizioni particolari, possono essere pericolose per i bambini di età inferiore ai 14 anni. Se i bambini devono eseguire l'assemblaggio del modello, deve essere garantita la supervisione dei genitori.

Guida per l'utente

14 lingue Le guide per l'utente vi condurranno attraverso il processo di assemblaggio. Nella creazione di design per persone creative, non c'è confine tra immaginazione e realtà.


Il modello prefabbricato è fatto per un'ampia varietà di utenti dai 14 anni in su. La ricerca e l'assemblaggio del modello fanno progredire le capacità tecniche di creatività e ispirano la ricerca storica della scienza e della tecnologia.

Modelli Metal Time creatori di tempo libero attivo e regali superbi, abbellimenti interni, elementi di installazione, modelli e stand da vetrina.

Per renderli raccoglibili e scambiabili, a ciascuno dei nostri modelli viene assegnato un numero di serie unico. Il Metal Time Owners' Club è un gruppo emergente di persone appassionate di design.

Il programma di fedeltà, Metal Time, presenta frequentemente ai proprietari dei nostri set di costruzione delle piacevoli sorprese.