Appena aggiunto al carrello

Through the thorns to the stars!

At the beginning of 2022, we were full of plans. Our team has successfully prepared a new collection of mechanical models equipped with advanced technologies, new features, and functionality. We have mastered the use of colored stainless steel and our new models have become more attractive. Our engineers have integrated electric motors, sound devices, and lighting systems into the models and they came to life.

We were preparing to present all this splendor in March, but on February 24 the war came to our country.

Russia's military aggression, mobilization, hostilities resulted in destruction and severance of logistical ties, forced the members of our team to disperse around the country, change their occupation, and go to the active troops.

Therefore, the development and implementation of the new collection had to be put on hold.

At the same time, our old models continued to be produced and delivered to stores in many countries around the world.

It took us time to adjust to the new conditions. But now we are ready to resume our work and please you with new assembly kits. These will be complicated, beautiful and meaningful challenges for craft enthusiasts and collectors of prefabricated models.

The history of every prototype is inextricably connected with each mechanism, and in these difficult times, these stories have acquired completely different accents.

We will show a new "Metal Time" collection during coming summer.

Stretch your fingers, choose the time and be patient.

All of this will come in handy for assembling our new models!