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CNN: AN-225 plans to rebuild world's largest plane confirmed

(CNN) — For avgeeks, the destruction of the world's largest commercial plane was one of the key images at the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

On Monday the Antonov Company announced in a tweet that the rebuild project had already begun, with "design work" already in the offing. While it had estimated repair costs, the company predicted a bill of over €500 million ($502 million) to get it back in the air, promising more information "after the victory."
Already the company has around 30% of the components needed to build a new one, it announced.
In the meantime, if you're missing Mriya, you can build your own -- or, at least, your own model. Ukrainian startup Metal Time is selling working mechanical design kits of the AN-225. Each cost $99, and profits go straight to Antonov to fund the Mriya rebuild, as well as the rehousing of Antonov employees whose homes have been destroyed by the Russian invasion, and training for new Ukrainian pilots and aviation engineers.