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The train is waiting for you. "Polar Steel" is journeying to the North Pole. Boards the train and race north over mountains and through boreal forests inhabited by timber wolves as well as rabbits, but this train never slows down.
Build "Polar Steel" train with your own hands!

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Fecha de lanzamiento: abril de 2022

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 Quantity of parts, pcs 239
 Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 7
 Hours to assemble (average) 12
 Model size (cm)36.5 x 6.2 x 5.1
 Model size  (inch) 14.37 x 2.44 x 1.97
 Package size L
Rotating wheels
Light source
Accurate detailing
Steam locomotive mark

Historia del prototipo

At the very late hour of the night before Christmas, when even the most naughty children fall asleep, and only the whistling of a blizzard is heard outside the window, a bright beam of a spotlight suddenly cuts through the snowy haze and it appears in clouds of smoke and steam. Try not to fall asleep, and you will definitely get into his car. This train will take you to the North Pole, where Santa Claus himself collects gifts. Neither high mountains, nor endless snow-covered fields, nor an impenetrable forest will stop the train, and it will definitely arrive on time.

Yes, this is the Polar Express from the animation of Robert Zemeckis - an attentive viewer will exclaim. And it is true. It was this cult film that inspired the designers of Metal Time, creating the Polar Steel model.


The railway is a huge fascinating world for romantics who dream of traveling, fans of the history of the development of technology and design lovers, because every step in the development of railways is associated with millions of original technical solutions. Therefore, the model of the railway is the eternal dream of the overwhelming number of children and adolescents.

Every aspect of railway technology is of interest: tracks, wagons, locomotives and buildings. Someone likes electric locomotives, and someone is still passionate about steam technology. And indeed, the locomotives from the fire-breathing dragons of the childhood of those over 50 have turned into relic samples, of which there are very few left in the real world.

Therefore, the embodiment of steam locomotives in the form of self-propelled models is a successful way to win the hearts of tinkerers.

Engineers, constructors and designers of "Metal Time" tried and created a new designer for self-assembly called "Polar Steel".

This is a model of a ten-axle steam locomotive with a closed tender. Thanks to the use of colored stainless steel, the model has acquired unique color accents.

Tender, cab. Tanks and wheel faces received a matte blue color. The shell of the cauldron has become a dull dark grey. Pipes and fittings, the boiler cover, as well as the details of the lantern are highlighted in matt yellow. As a result, the aesthetics of the steam locomotive has completely changed, and it is no longer associated with black coal, fuel oil and smoke - a real fabulous express train.

A sense of wonder is also created by sound and light effects. Yes, the Polar Steel model is equipped not only with an LED lamp, but also with a sound chip capable of making sounds characteristic of a moving steam engine and its horn.

Add to that the rails and freewheeling wheels and here is another locomotive for the Metal Time railway hub. The perfect gift for any tech lover!

Características, ventajas

Like all Metal Time prefabricated construction sets, the Polar Steel model is made of sustainable stainless steel, used in the food industry and approved for the production of consumer goods and toys.

Coping with the assembly of "Polar Steel" is not easy. This is a complex model with 239 pieces, each of which must be properly placed in a unique place in order for the assembled model to function properly. This constructor promises a few days spent in the company of like-minded people or the whole family creating a Christmas miracle.

But when all the difficulties are over, your collection will be replenished with a wonderful exhibit from the world of railway technology. It will decorate any interior even if it just stands on a table or shelf.


And if you make it part of a model of a railway station or depot, it will take its rightful place among the most beautiful models there. And, of course, you can recreate a scene from your favorite cartoon by adding figures of the Conductor and little passengers to the model.

For Metal Time, the Polar Steel model is the continuation of the railway fleet of models in 2022, it shows new trends in construction kits, which are enriched with color parts and devices for lighting and sound effects.

Precise cutting of the set eliminates the possibility of cuts during the assembly process.

Pleasant tactile sensations favorably distinguish steel parts from wooden or plastic used in other designers. Especially in the case of matte surfaces, as in the Polar Steel model.

Convenient flat packaging made of eco-friendly recyclable cardboard combines compactness and aesthetics of a status gift.

The assembly model "Polar Steel" is intended for a wide range of users aged 14 years and older.

The beloved railway theme and aesthetics turn the finished model into an excellent technical and cinematic attraction for children and adults.

The presence of the Polar Steel model in the house will tell you that its owner is prone to changing places, loves complex equipment and knows how to make complex devices himself. Be sure, sooner or later he will invite you on a journey on an exotic vintage train or just watch the trains. And he has a separate room where he builds a model of the railway, which means that you will not get bored with him.

In addition, the assembled model can serve as an interior decoration, part of a collection in a showcase, a key character in an installation on a railway theme or a layout of a railway structure. This is the perfect gift for boys of all ages.

The study and assembly of the model develop the skills of technical creativity, encourage the study of the history of science, technology and world culture.

Each of our models is assigned a unique serial number and this makes them collectible and exchangeable. The club of owners of constructors "Metal time" is a growing community of people who are passionate about constructing.


¿Qué hay en la caja de regalo?

 Steel sheets, pcs9
Battery boxYES
Power switchYES
Electric motorYES
Sound chipYES
LED lightYES
Assembling GlovesYES
Polishing clothYES
Collector's PinYES
Club StickersYES
Metal time Workshop

Fácil de plegar

Todas las piezas se separan y conectan con una ligera presión de los dedos, lo que elimina posibles cortes o pinchazos durante el proceso de montaje.

Los kits Metal Time contienen piezas pequeñas que, en determinadas condiciones, pueden ser peligrosas para los niños menores de 14 años. Si los niños van a realizar el montaje del modelo, debe garantizarse la supervisión de los padres.

Guía del usuario

14 idiomas Las guías del usuario le guiarán en el proceso de montaje. En el diseño para personas creativas, no hay frontera entre la imaginación y la realidad.


La maqueta prefabricada está hecha para una amplia variedad de usuarios de 14 años en adelante. La investigación y el montaje de la maqueta hacen avanzar la capacidad de creatividad técnica e inspiran la investigación de la historia de la ciencia y la tecnología.

Las maquetas de Metal Time son creadores de ocio activo y magníficos regalos, adornos de interior, elementos de instalación, maquetas y soportes de escaparate.

Para que sean reunibles e intercambiables, a cada uno de nuestros modelos se le asigna un número de serie único. El Club de Propietarios de Metal Time es un grupo de personas apasionadas por el diseño.

El programa de fidelización, Metal Time, obsequia con frecuencia a los propietarios de nuestros conjuntos de construcción con agradables sorpresas.