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Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)
Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)

Conqueror FV214 (World of Tanks)

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The FV214 Conqueror was conceived in 1946 as a response to two other categories of vehicles: the German panzer tanks that had demonstrated superior firepower during World War II, and the Soviet IS-3 heavy tank that entered service in 1945. The Conqueror’s 120mm gun was considered an advantage, but tank crews generally found the vehicle difficult to maneuver. Once the Centurion was outfitted with a 105mm gun, the Conqueror was withdrawn from use in the 1960s.
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Quantity of parts, pcs 46
Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 1
Hours to assemble (average) 1
Model size (cm) 15.5×5.6×4.0
Model size (inch) 6.10×2.20×1.57
Scale 1:72
Real Steel
Branded by Wargaming
Turnable Turret
Historically accurate model

Geschichte des Prototyps

Large-scale battles did not accompany the Cold War on the battlefield. But fierce battles raged in the design bureaus. New military challenges demanded new technical solutions. British engineers, abandoning the idea of "cruiser" tanks, began to develop heavy ones. One of the promising models was the FV 214 "Conqueror". The project of the over 60 tons tank appeared in 1949, but this tank went into serial production only in 1955. 

The main weapon of the tank was a 120-mm gun. The length of the fighting vehicle together with the cannon was more than 11 meters. The engine with a power of 810 hp drove this huge thing with a speed of up to 35 km/h on a hard surface. The aiming fire could be made only from a standing position. 


In combat, the main firepower of the "Conqueror" was two 7.63 mm M1919 machine guns.

Distinctive features of the tank's architecture were a turret and hull with ricochet panels and a chassis with four bogies of two rollers and two drive wheels. 

The crew of the heavy tank consisted of four men. The mechanic driver was in the platform and three other soldiers were in the turret. There was also a commander's turret with all-round visibility. 

In addition to combat duty in the British Armed Forces, the "Conqueror" was a testing ground for engineering research. Its weak point was considered insufficient protection, but this was corrected in the new modifications. However, the tank could not withstand competition with other models and its production was stopped by the 60s. 

Merkmale, Vorteile

In the popular tank MMO game "World of Tanks" "Conqueror" is still in service. This premium IX-level tank is a powerful weapon for battles with strong opponents. 

The self-assembly model FV 214 "Conqueror" is a product of the collaboration of "Wargaming" and "Metal Time Workshop". On the bottom of the model is the logo "WoT" and each set comes with a bonus pack from "Wargaming". It contains the activation code of the game with which you can start playing the most popular online tank strategy, as well as "T2" light tank + Slot +7 Days of "WoT" premium account + 500 gold. A great start for the novice online tank player! 


The FV 214 "Conqueror" features the recognizable design of a heavy tank: unique turret shape, long main gun, machine guns, commander's turret, hatches, bunker for ammo, and eight-roller chassis with two drive wheels. The surfaces are textured and etched by electrochemical etching, making the model look like the original vehicle. All details are made of stainless steel, which is used in the food industry, consumer goods, and toys. Assembly of FV 214 "Conqueror" excludes any harm to the owner. Precise cutting allows assembling the model without using additional tools, soldering, and gluing. 

The DIY scale model of FV 214 "Conqueror" can be used as a souvenir, interior decoration or a valuable prize for the fans of "WoT". Also with its help, you can create installations, models or reconstructions of tank battles. It will take a worthy place at the stand with the "Metal Time Workshop" and "World of tanks" collection of prefabricated models. But its main purpose is technical creativity, joint modeling, and the development of handmade skills. 

Metal Time" assembly models encourage their owners to study the history of technology and develop skills in construction. Each of our models is assigned a unique serial number and it turns them into a subject of collection and exchange. The "Metal Time" Owners Club is a growing community of enthusiastic builders. 



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Steel sheets, pcs3
Polishing ClothYES
Unique Invite CodeYES
Metal time Workshop

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