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2022 will surprise you with aliens!

In the new year engineers and designers of "Metal Time" are going to increase momentum. After the convincing result of crowdfunding, when the interest of fans of self-assembly kits found material confirmation, our team was able to afford bold experiments.

In the new year, buyers of Metal Time constructors expect even more color, metallic sheen, complex shapes and mechanisms, and, of course, exciting creative puzzles. Fans of collecting beautiful and spectacular models will be able to occupy their hands with many interesting solutions.

First, we decided to add color to our models. It cost us the complication of the technological process. But the result is stunning. Literally in the first quarter of 2022, the first Metal Time models with colored elements will appear on store shelves. This allowed us to define a new niche for our construction kits, since few players in the educational toy market have ventured into the production of colored stainless steel elements so far.

Secondly, we made many new models glow from within. If earlier only Sailor`s Companion was equipped with light sources, now lighting effects will be present in many models. This will allow, after assembly, to use them as a functional interior detail: decor, lamp, night light, etc. Some models will surprise you with their capabilities.

Thirdly, we continue to develop our main areas. In the new year, new models of aircraft and helicopters will be ready for flights. In early January, detailed drawings of Count Zeppelin's creations were seen in the engineering department, but just don't tell anyone about it! Maybe someone just studied the history of aeronautics for inspiration.

Several more models of trains will be on the rails. Now we are thinking about increasing the production of rails, switches, semaphores and hydrants in order to sell them separately and allow railroad lovers to build a whole depot in their homes.

The line of legendary cars and motorcycles will also be replenished with new exhibits. Already spinning their spring-loaded models, inspired by the heroes of films, comics and books.

The maritime theme is not going to rest on its achievements of the past year. New ships, seaplanes, and boats will join the wonderful models that have already won the love of our shipbuilding fans. So, keep the lighthouse's batteries charged, because it will light the way for new ships very soon!

In addition, in the new year, our designers and engineers decided to let their imagination run wild and created some really amazing car models that exist only as prototypes for science fiction films. A car-explorer of desert planets, a powerful launch vehicle, ready to deliver it to any point in the foreseeable space, can cause envy not only among those. Who hasn't had time to buy "Metal Time" constructors yet. But also the aliens.

Speaking of aliens. They also found a place in the 2022 model range. They will fly to the store shelves on their amazing ship, having managed to kidnap a creature from Earth along the way. What will be their future fate - it's up to you!

«Metal Time» promises in the new year a large and bright replenishment of the collections to everyone who likes to collect models, arrange installations, exhibitions, action games and exciting communication with like-minded people from them.

Look forward to presentations of our new models at international exhibitions, in stores and, of course, on our information channels!