Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)
Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)

Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31 (World of Tanks)

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The Vs.Kfz.31 Leichttraktor (Light tractor), also known at the time as the Kleintraktor (Small tractor), was a prototype German light tank, of which four distinct versions were made. It was developed and tested in secret at the Soviet-German Kama facility, during the Weimar Republic. This was part of the Leichttraktor, also known as the Kleintraktor, project. The tank was designed *around* 1929 and used through early WW2 as a training vehicle.  In spite of having a 37 mm cannon, it was rejected in favor of the Panzer I, in a competition to make a new light tank for Germany, like the Grosstraktor project at the same time.

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Quantity of parts, pcs 38
Difficulty level, from 1 to 8 1
Hours to assemble (average) 1
Model size (cm) 5.9×3.1×3.2
Model size (inch) 2.32×1.22×1.26
Scale 1:72
Real Steel
Branded by Wargaming
Turnable Turret
Historically accurate model


The German Wehrmacht started World War II... with tractors. That is what the first German tanks were called. This happened because, under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which witnessed the defeat of Germany in World War I, the country was not allowed to develop and produce heavily armored fighting vehicles. Therefore, these products had the name of civil technology, and it was not far from the truth. The first samples of German tanks were modernized tractors. An example of this is the Leichttraktor Vs. Kfz.31 light tank.

The development of the tank was carried out by two well-known manufacturers of first-class military equipment: “Krupp” and “Rheinmetall”. They presented two models that differ from each other in some detail. But the main ones were the same.


The first tank "Leichttraktor Vs. Kfz.31" was created on a tractor chassis with 12 rollers, combined into six carts. The chassis was covered with an armor shield, however, the design of the tracks and suspension was vulnerable even to large-caliber small arms. The “Daimler Benz” engine with 100 hp the designers placed it in front, which was a controversial decision. On the one hand, he covered the crew of 4 people, and on the other hand, he was vulnerable to the enemy and increased the risk of immobilizing the combat vehicle in the battle.

The welded-riveted turret was moved back, which made the tank look like a self-propelled gun, however, the armament of the "Leichttraktor Vs. Kfz.31" was not very powerful. The main gun was a 37 mm KwK 36 L/45 cannon, and a 7.92 mm Dreyse machine gun was also mounted on the tank.


Chassis vulnerabilities, low movement speed, light armor, and low autonomy made the "Leichttraktor Vs. Kfz.31" not a very popular tank. It was released in a small batch and quickly gave way to another "tractor" "Panzer I".

However, in the popular MMO game "World of Tanks" from the "Wargaming" company, "Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31"  has gained a full-fledged combat history and is quite popular. This tank is designed for beginners, it has tier-I, upgrade options and performs well in tutorial missions and online battles with players of the same level.

Model for self-assembly "Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31" - a product of the collaboration "Wargaming" and "Metal Time Workshop". On the bottom of the model is the logo "WoT" and a bonus package from "Wargaming" is attached to each set. It contains an activation code for the game, with which you can start playing the most popular online real-time strategy tank, as well as a T2 light tank + Slot +7 Days of “WoT” premium account + 500 gold. A great start for a beginner online tanker!


The "Leichttraktor Vs. Kfz.31" model implements a recognizable design of the tank: the geometry of a rotating turret, a chassis with an armored shield, hatches and observation turrets for the crew, armament and radiators of the engine compartment. Textures and images are applied to the surfaces by electrochemical etching, giving the model a resemblance to the original combat vehicle. All parts of the model are made of stainless steel used in the food industry, the production of consumer goods, and toys. Assembly "Leichttraktor Vs. Kfz.31" eliminates any harm to the owner. Accurate cutting allows you to assemble models without the use of additional tools, soldering, and gluing.

The assembled scale model of the observation light tank can be used as a souvenir, interior decoration, or a valuable prize for “WoT” fans. It can also be used to create installations, models, or reconstructions of tank battles of the Second World War. It will take its rightful place at the stand with a collection of prefabricated models "Metal Time workshop" and the "World of tanks" game. But its main purpose is technical creativity, joint modeling, and the development of handicraft skills.

Assembling “Metal Time” models encourage owners to study the history of technology, and develop design skills. Each of our models is assigned a unique serial number and this makes them collectible and exchangeable. The Metal Time Constructor Owners Club is a growing community of people who are passionate about constructing.



Steel sheets, pcs1
Polishing ClothYES
Unique Invite CodeYES
Metal time Workshop



Metal Time套件包括一些小部件,在特殊情况下,可能对14岁以下的儿童有危险。如果儿童要进行模型组装,应确保有家长的监督。






为了使它们可以收集和交换,我们的每个模型都有一个独特的序列号。Metal Time业主俱乐部是一个即将成立的由热衷于设计的人组成的团体。